Thursday, February 20, 2014

Coconut Almond Body Wash

This absolutely delicious smelling coconut almond body wash is from Kia over at With Lovely.  I really love coconut oil and how it makes my skin feel, so decided to give this homemade body wash a try.

Here are the 2 ingredients you will need:

Soften the coconut oil by microwaving for 10 sec. intervals until easily scooped with a spoon, but not liquified.  Measure out the coconut oil and soap and place in a bowl or mixer.

Mix on high with a whisk attachment until the oil and soap are incorporated, and it starts to look like whipped cream.

Scoop mixture into a plastic or glass container with a lid. (Don't lick the spoon!  You think I'm joking, but you'll want to because it smells sooo delicious.)  The next time you take a shower, scoop out a handful and soap up with your concoction.

This is a pretty decent body wash.  Although not nearly as moisturizing as I thought it would be with the coconut oil component.  Granted I tend to have dry skin, it's winter, and I live in an extremely dry place.  I do think I would like this as a summertime body wash.  Another thing to note is that it doesn't foam up like normal body wash, but still does a great job of getting you squeaky clean. 


  1. I can't wait to try this this weekend!

    1. I'll make sure to put some in the guest bathroom for you. :)

  2. I wonder if you can do this with any type of all natural soap. What was the consistency of the almond soap before whisking it with the coconut oil? Was it thicker like hand or body liquid soap or more liquid-like?

    Looks so refreshing though!

    1. Dr. Bronner's has a liquid hand soap consistency. It's awesome soap by the way. I use the peppermint one in the summer as body wash. But you can also use it to clean just about anything. I'm sure you could probably use any kind of liquid soap that you wanted for this recipe. The flavor combinations are endless. :)