Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cute And Comfy

Cute and Comfy?  Wait did those two words just end up together?  Heck yes, they did!  Since I spend most of my days at home, with no chance of seeing another human except my husband, I often don't feel the need/desire to dress up.  However, I try to always change out of my PJs and into actual clothes.  And although I often (especially these days) just want to be comfortable, I also don't want to look frumpy.  So here is my version of a Cute and Comfy outfit for around the house.  And trust me when I say it is very comfortable. :)

Top - H&M Mama Jersey Top (similar) $12.95;  Cardigan - Target Merona Long Sleeve Cardigan Sweater (similar) $22.99;  Pants - Target Liz Lange Basic Legging Pants $16.99;  Shoes - Payless Dexflex by Dexter Claire Scrunch Flat $19.99;  Scarf - Target Merona Polka Dot Scarf $14.99;  Earrings - already in my jewelry box

Maternity clothes often come in basic black, white, and grey or some variation thereof, so I like to jazz things up with accessories.  I'm so not a neutrals kind of girl.  My scarf and earrings added just the right pop of color to not make me feel blah.

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